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Reimbursement Process

Reimbursement Process

Providing different lines of administration; may or may not require different items to be submitted. BDS processes all claims Monday – Thursday at 12 PM EST, after noon on Thursday, each week, we begin processing payments. If you send the applicable information to our office within the week, your reimbursement will be sent out on Friday of that same week. Please see below for the different lines of administration and what will be required. Keep in mind with all receipts and EOB’s you submit, you must submit a claim form, please visit for Forms Library to find the appropriate reimbursement form for your claims. The most important information to include on the claim form is your employer’s name, your name and contact information, as well as, any particular instructions for reimbursement if you have an FSA or HSA Account.

Please select the appropriate line of administration you would like to learn about from the list below and you will be directed to the proper portion of this page.

MERP Reimbursement

For reimbursement through your employers MERP Plan, you must send your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) to our office, you can submit claims by email, fax, postal, online, or even stop in to our office and drop them off, contact information. The EOB, tells us what services you had performed and the applicable amount that was applied to your deductible, we cannot process off the provider billing statement, you must submit the EOB.

There are three common methods of reimbursement that most employers choose:

BDS reimburses the Employee Directly – This is the most common method chosen by employers. Under this method you will submit the EOB and BDS will reimburse you any deductible expense you are owed, to pay the bill once you receive it. It is your responsibility to pay the provider’s bill in this situation.

Employer Reimburses the Employee – In this situation, you will still send the EOB to BDS, but your employer will hand you a check or reimburse you through payroll, so that you have the funds to pay the provider billing. It is your responsibility to pay the provider’s bill in this situation.

BDS reimburses the Provider on your Behalf – In this situation, after you have sent your EOB to BDS, we will reimburse your provider directly. You will not be responsible for any bills above and beyond your deductible amount, BDS will pay these directly to your provider on your behalf. Remember, under this scenario, you need to pay attention to how much of your deductible you have satisfied, so that you do not pay a bill which BDS has already paid to the provider for you.

*We highly recommend that you send all your EOB’s to our office for processing, even if you know that you have not met your deductible responsibility. Let us track and balance your deductible for you!

You can also send in your claims through our online services through Please keep in mind; you will not be able to have access to your online account until, after you have submitted your first claim to BDS. Once we get the very first claim for you, we can set you up in the system and assign the appropriate coverage’s. Please read the following instructions for how to properly submit an EOB through our online services.

Download Online Claim Submission Instructions

If you also have an FSA or you are covered under a MERPed HSA, and you would like to receive reimbursement for your deductible responsibility from a particular claim, you can select the appropriate claim form out of the Forms Library so that we can process your reimbursement quickly with just one claim form for multiple reimbursements. In the appropriate boxes for FSA & HSA on the claim form, please write how you would like reimbursed for your deductible expense.

HSA Reimbursements

Please keep in mind, if at all possible, always sign up for direct deposit of HSA reimbursements. If you choose to receive a physical check, you will be charged a fee for each check that is cut. There are two options for reimbursement from your HSA Account

Online – With your HSA account, you have online access at to request any reimbursements from your HSA Account. If you choose to request reimbursements from your HSA, through the online services, you will be prompted to enter your claims into the Claims Vault. It is very important, if you are requesting any reimbursement out of your HSA, that you upload the claims into the Claims Vault. The Claims Vault is your life long shoe box for every expense you have ever been reimbursed for out of your HSA. If you are ever audited by the IRS, you can simply login and print out all or your expenses for the life of your account.

Submit Directly to BDS – You may also submit all your expenses for reimbursement from your HSA directly to our office, through mail, fax, and email. Please make sure to select the appropriate HSA claim form, from the Forms Library, so that you can tell us exactly what you would like reimbursed for.

FSA Reimbursements – General Purpose & Limited Purpose FSA’s

Non-Debit Card FSA Participants – If you are not utilizing the Debit Card, you will need to submit EOB’s and Receipts to our office for reimbursement every time you incur a qualified expense. If you are submitting receipts, for medical, dental, vision or prescription drugs, the receipt must include the following five items (for any prescriptions a copy of the bag tag contains all this information).

  • Date of service or prescription fill date
  • Patient name
  • Place of service/provider name
  • Description of service/item or prescription drug name
  • Cost

In addition to your EOB or Receipt, we will also need the proper claim form, which can be found in the Forms Library.

Debit Card Participants – Debit cards are a convenient way to access your FSA Funds, they allow you to pay for items at the point of sale for IIAS compliant vendors. However, there may be situations in which you receive an email after paying with your card to send in substantiation for an item that you purchased. While the card is smart enough to pay at the vendor, in some cases, we do not know if the expense was a qualified expense. As soon as you receive any email requiring substantiation to be sent, please send in your EOB’s or receipts as soon as possible, otherwise, if we do not receive the proper documentation after 30 days your account will be suspended. Receipts need to have the five items mentioned above under the Non-Debit Card section. Assuming that you paid for a qualified expense, you are good to go and there is nothing further we need from you.

FSA Reimbursements – Dependent Care FSA

When submitting for reimbursement for your qualified dependent care expenses, please include the appropriate claim form from the Forms Library, as well as, check to ensure that your receipt contains the following information.

  • Provider name, address, and Tax ID number
  • Date(s) of service for the daycare
  • Dependent name(s)
  • Description of service (daycare)
  • Cost

Qualified Transportation Accounts – Section 132

A valid receipt should contain the following information.

  •  Merchant Name
  • Date
  • Amount of expense
  • Description of the purchase for a transportation pass or parking

If you are not given a receipt, a signed claim form will be acceptable showing the amount of the expense that you incurred for that time period. Regardless, please remember to always submit a claim form, even if you have applicable receipts, which can be found in the Forms Library.

Contact us if you have any further questions on how you can receive your reimbursements.

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