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3,500 Employee Hospital System

3,500 Employee Hospital System

Annualized Charges to the sponsor in excess of optimal pricing $537,879
Total valid prescriptions in the dataset (12 mos) 121,144
Prescriptions analyzed that showed variances from optimal pricing in this dataset 66,508
Percent of total prescriptions in this dataset that showed variances from optimal pricing 54.9%
Average excess margin per prescription $4.44/Rx
Annualized projected rebates returned to plan sponsor $248,345
Total Elimination of repackaging Annualized Savings $134,820
Annualized Savings from minimal formulary revision at 25% $681,533

Gross Potential Annualized Savings

ANNUALIZED SAVINGS Conversion​ 25% Conversion​ 50% Conversion​ 100%
Removal of Drug Cost Markups: $537,879 $537,879 $537,879
Return of Rebates to Plan Sponsor: $248,345 $248,345 $248,345
Savings Potential with Formulary Conversion: $681,533 $1,105,430 $1,941,215
Elimination of Repackaging: $134,820 $134,820 $134,820
Return of Audit Recoveries $44,940 $44,940 $44,940
TOTAL ANNUALIZED SAVINGS $1,647,518 $2,071,415 $2,907,200

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