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HRIS and Payroll

HRIS and Payroll

Benefit Design Specialists (BDS) has partnered with a software vendor, in a proprietary relationship, to provide an entirely web-based HR portal that managers and employees can access 24/7 via any web-enabled device, including smart phone. This HR portal enables huge efficiency gains, improved accountability and tight process controls through:

  • Paperless Online Enrollment
  • Full-Service Payroll Processing
  • Automated Carrier Feeds
  • Online Workforce, Benefit, and Compensation Management
  • Carrier List Bill Reconciliation
  • 200+ online standard reports with unlimited ability for custom reporting

The HR portal itself serves as an invaluable tool for communication of events, policies, procedures and any and all benefit-related information as well, reducing info-seeking calls to HR and reducing overall risk exposure.

The reporting functionality alone provides a return on investment in many ways, including compliance reporting and strategic business intelligence capabilities traditionally beyond the reach of the small-to-mid market.


As a client of this vendor, you will be provided with a dynamic and robust human resources information system (HRIS) that is seldom found within small to mid-sized organizations. With HRWeb you have all the workforce administration, benefits, compensation, development and payroll functionality you need to manage every aspect of the employee life cycle in one place. HRWeb supports your needs and business rules. Data is easy to retrieve and use, reporting functions allow you to get the information you need. With HRWeb, we track all HR related information about your employees including employment history, payroll data, performance, job and salary information, career development, and benefit programs.

Payroll Processing

The most flexible, functional payroll engine on the market, HRWeb enables our software to process your payroll functions quickly and easily. Payroll processing includes calculating pay (including gross-to-net), generating NACHA files and check/direct deposit advices, generating instant off-cycle checks, pre-check detail report for approval prior to payroll, and the ability to track the progress of payroll.

HRWeb offers important business value by reducing administrative workload. Employees have immediate security-protected access to paycheck information, including the most recent paycheck and year-to-date pay summaries, benefit summaries, key employment data, salary and performance review dates, and assigned company property. Employees can apply for open jobs or enroll in a training class, change addresses or phone numbers, update beneficiary or emergency contacts, change or add direct deposit information, or enroll in benefit plans and make changes with life events.

Benefits Administration

Online enrollment through HRWeb reduces hours of paperwork, plus it decreases the costs associated with a time-consuming enrollment process. Employees can use HRWeb to review their benefit choices, whether in the office or at home with their family, without requiring face time with benefits practitioners or the use of those tedious enrollment forms.

Reporting & Analytics

Using the software Business Intelligence tools, customers can provide their managers and executives with Web access to a library of over 200 workforce-related reports, workforce analytics and point-in-time reporting, without installing reporting software on users’ PCs or writing custom reports. Users can run and print pre-formatted reports for the executive team or run instant queries on the Web for answers to routine questions.

Workforce analytics to enable managers to evaluate workforce trends strategically on topics such as compensation, turnover, overtime, benefits, reviews and other key components of workforce management. These reports are particularly useful because they enable a level of business intelligence not before seen, much less applied, to the Human Resource function.

Contact us if you would like to view a demonstration of this system.

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