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KISx Card

Benefit Design Specialists, Inc. (BDS) is pleased to offer The Keep It Simple Surgery Card (KISx Card). Since our inception in 1993, BDS has focused on creating long-term mutually beneficial client relationships surrounding compliance and administration. BDS currently administers hundreds of employer clients with MERP/HRA, COBRA, FSA and HSA plans while delivering KISx Card services.

The KISx Card was created as a solution for self-funded employers to tackle egregious surgical pricing while bringing simplicity to the employee experience. The KISx Card focuses on high cost/low incidence surgeries within Orthopedic, Spine, and Cardiac procedures. For 2018 we have also added Imaging services to the program at no additional fee!  Our direct provider “non” network is built on a bundled price model with a quick payment turnaround time to the facility, surgeon and anesthesiologist. KISx Providers are able to fill beds, and get paid quickly within 7 days while avoiding delayed traditional reimbursement. The savings to the employer is so substantial that they are able to waive employee deductibles while offering a cash incentive for engaging in the program. Contact us for more details on how you can incentivize your clients and/or employees.

Our goal as administrator to the program is to offer a seamless experience for employer, employee, broker and third-party administrator alike. We structured the KISx card to be a stand beside program. There is no disruption to the current health plan nor broker/consultant. We have invested countless hours working with top ERISA attorneys to establish the proper plan documentation so you can focus on what is most important.

In utilizing the KISx Card, employees are educated up front. This can be done either at open enrollment, or via a customized campaign at any time during the plan year. We know that an educated employee is an empowered employee. We will develop a customized campaign to assist you in engaging employees, including video and email campaigns. Once an employee engages our concierge service, we walk them through the process, saving thousands of dollars per procedure and countless hours of HR’s time. Our patient and provider voucher system leaves the health plan out of the equation so duplicate claims never occur. You will not only provide savings to your clients via low claims cost but you will also be able to negotiate lower stop-loss premium rates as well.

Our high performance approach has the ability to save your members $5.6 MILLION per 25,000 members Annually.  We are excited to partner with you and look forward to implementing the KISx Card and fixing healthcare together.

Average Savings of 60% on Top 15 Procedures

Top 15 Procedures National Avg All-Inclusive Pricing KISx Card All-Inclusive Pricing
Lumbar Laminectomy $77,000 $10,190 (87% Savings)
Thyroidectomy $38,000 $6,100 (84% Savings)
Microdiscentomy Lumbar $40,000 $9,600 (76% Savings)
Knee Arthroscopy w/Anterior Ligament $35,000 $7,250 (79% Savings)
HIFU for Prostate Cancer $50,000 $25,000 (50% Savings)
Breast Reconstruction $30,000 $7,980 (73% Savings)
Total Knee Replacement $50,000 $22,500 (55% Savings)
Anterior Cervical Discectomy $40,000 $18,960 (53% Savings)
Total Hip Replacement $45,000 $25,000 (44% Savings)
Total Mastectomy $14,000 $5,500 (61% Savings)
Vaginal Hysterectomy $13,500 $8,000 (41% Savings)
Cholecystectomy $12,000 $5,865 (51% Savings)
Hemorrhoidectomy $6,000 $2,560 (57% Savings)
Transurethral Resection of the Prostate $9,000 $3,500 (61% Savings)
Carpal Tunnel Release $4,000 $2,750 (31% Savings)

 KISx Card Procedure Listing (PDF)

KISx Case Study


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